Katkando is a tiny charity raising funds and providing volunteers for poor and disadvantaged children in the Kathmandu valley and its surrounding area in Nepal.

Registered Charity Number 1177445.


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Most of my money is raised on Oswestry outdoor market but it is at this time of year that you realise just how difficult our British weather can make it for market traders.  Last week I damaged my health, my … Read More

Sunday, 9th December: Rain Disaster -Or Is It?
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OK, so by Bangladeshi standards our rainy weather is not so bad and, living in North Wales a few drops of rain are to be expected at any time of the year.  However, the rain this week has really had … Read More

Wednesday, 05th December: Wet Market Day – Grrr
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    Above is a thank you from the children at Janata Dhan.  Their accommodation has been refurbished from money raised by KatKando..  And most of this money is made on the outdoor stall  twice weekly on the Oswestry Market on … Read More

JanataDhan Refurbishment
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The refurbishment at Janata Dhan is almost complete (see photos on following page).  A lot of work has been done with the money which was sent over in two batches.  The photos show some of the work which includes painting … Read More

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Copies of all receipts are available on request.  The latest is for funds sent to renovate the hostel at Janata Dhan.  Please PM me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KatkanDo2/ or by email bryan@katkando.org.uk.

One way we raise funds…

…is to send Bryan out at 4.30am every Sunday morning, rain, hail or occasionally shine to the weekly car boot sale at Chirk Airfield, Nr. Wrexham.  Taking bets on who collapses first, Bryan or the table.