Porject #3 and an ongoing one.

SGCP School is the only school in the Kathmandu valley for children with special needs.  The acronym S.G.C.P. stands for Self help Group for Cerebral Palsy.  Although the school itself deals with all sorts of special needs.

A monthly payment of £200 has been set up for the children in the SGCP special needs school and for the brand-new assessment centre set up for these children at the Kopila Nepa brick children school.

This is to be spent as they see fit and currently Bimal in Kathmandu says it will cover costs of medicines mainly. Thank you to all who contribute via donations, JustGiving, Boot Sales etc. Please keep it coming as there ain’t much of a reserve yet. Watch out for two lunatics, both named Brian but distinguishable by their surnames, Jones and Jones, who will be standing outside football grounds in remote corners of Wales, collecting money and hopefully raffling a few signed football shirts to keep the money trickling in. Boot Sales over the next two weeks, weather permitting, too.