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When you start something you have plans for how the project will move on.  Sometimes the plan progresses with very few changes.  That rarely happens with me and Katkando has proved to be no exception.  Katkando was set up to raise money for the kids in Nepal and that, of course will never change.  But, the original plan was to raise money through any number of events, projects, quiz nights and Heaven knows what.  These may still be utilised given the right circumstances..However, a year or two ago I started accepting donated items to sell on a local Boot Sale.  This worked well so, along with obtaining official recognition, I took on a regular stall on Oswestry Outdoor market.  And now things have really taken off.  Small. but regular, amounts of money are banked weekly through the sale of a rapidly growing stock of other people’s unwanted items.  We sell everything from books to bags, cards to Christmas decs and DVDs to dog toys.

You see, I have a theory that the only thing which works well is the thing you love doing well.  And there are three things I love doing:

  • Raising money.
  • Selling things.
  • Re-cycling.

This stall satisfies all three.  People donate stuff they may otherwise have thrown away, I sell it on my stall and the money raised finds its way to Nepal. Simple.  Last week I acquired magazines (Caravan and Craft), clothes, children’s books, old wifi routers and even  a set of brass tubes that shops once used to count threepenny bits and other now forgotten coins. Every week I try to vary the stock to keep the stall as fresh as possible. And of course this is not just a three way benefit for me.  It’s a three way benefit all round.  It de-clutters for one clientele, provides goods at a reasonable price for another clientele and, most of all, helps, clothe, feed, educate and in many other ways enhance the lives of very needy little kids in one of the poorest countries on the planet.

It’s the addition of the recycling and selling element which has made the project a real pleasure for me.  Other people may prefer to give talks, organise events, climb mountains or whatever (and please feel free to do so) and they will raise money for the same reason – doing what they enjoy.

So, the project has evolved.  Sure, if anybody wants to join in and raise funds doing their own thing then that would be amazing but, until that happens, please keep donating and buying from the Katkando stall most Wednesdays and Saturdays on Bailey Head in Oswestry.

Other things I need:

  • A van
  • A shed or spare room
  • A lottery win 🙂