Sunday, 9th December: Rain Disaster -Or Is It?

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OK, so by Bangladeshi standards our rainy weather is not so bad and, living in North Wales a few drops of rain are to be expected at any time of the year.  However, the rain this week has really had it in for me.  Apart from the drenching on last Wednesday’s market I have now drowned at least half my stock. You could say it was liquidated :).. Fair enough, my stock does not consist of kittens which would be really sad but it does contain a lot of books, a few fluffy toys and the odd scarf.  And they are now gone, destroyed by the Rain Gods whom I must have angered in awesome style . The Rain Deities  had a little help of course.  My market stock is kept outside in two large storage boxes and, foolishly this afternoon, I left the lid up on box number two.  This is never a good idea out here even in summer.  In December it is downright insane and, sure enough, I was punished for my sin as a deluge of ark-floating proportions descended, destroying anything which was uncovered.  I am, as it happens, well-stocked currently but weeding out the unsaleable stuff was a task I was wanting to perform myself. However, I am somewhat delicate in my stock reduction practices – the odd CD or maybe a doll with a minor injury ( no head for instance) so the Rain Gods may have been showing me how it should be done by destroying everything as well as the cardboard boxes I use as containers. Yes, maybe that was it.  The Rain Gods were doing a job that I should have been doing and I will reap the benefit of their divine intervention on the next market with my streamlined inventory of dry, saleable goods instead of my usual mound of the good, the bad and the ugly.





Left:: A brick worker outside Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu Valley makes use of a large, muddy puddle to clean his tools.  This puddle is used to clean everything from the kids to the kitchen utensils.  How lucky we are that our unloved rain is converted to a sparkling, bacteria-free  flow from our taps and cisterns.