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Most of my money is raised on Oswestry outdoor market but it is at this time of year that you realise just how difficult our British weather can make it for market traders.  Last week I damaged my health, my stock and my takings by standing outside in the pouring rain and wind.  Actually, the wind can be just as much of a problem with stock and, occasionally, whole stalls, being thrown around. For insurance purposes, open air markets should be cancelled in the event of a forecast of forty mile an hour winds but they often aren’t as traders need to make a living and market managers are under pressure to bring more footfall to their town.  How wonderful to be trading in the Med or in Australia where your only worry is if the sun will melt the chocolate on your artisan profiteroles.

Nepal has four seasons but they follow different months from ours and are worth knowing before going.  Spring runs from March through to May and is a reasonable time to visit as the weather is fairly warm. The next three months, however, are the monsoon months of June, July and August bringing heavy rain.  This is not just a matter of getting wet.  It closes roads – pretty rough anyway in most of the country –  and, worse still, opens up sewers which can be really disgusting.  Just ask my mate Brian!  Probably the best time to go is in the September, October, November period.  It’s clear and cool and is the most popular trekking season.  Bear in mind though, this also makes it the most expensive time to visit. Typica(. This brings you to Nepal’s winter and unsurprisingly it is cold.  More obviously it gets colder as you get higher which, of course, is easy in Nepal with its huge mountain ranges.

I can vouch for Spring as it’s when I have been and, although the evenings were occasionally cool, it never rained (heaven!) and the days were as warm as a decent British summer.  The rural Nepalese still wrap themselves up well and were intrigued by my thin T shirts and short sleeves.  They also dress very modestly too.  Even in Western clothes the girls in Kathmandu are very clever at showing themselves off in tight jeans and high heels but they never expose too much flesh.  They are also universally slim.UK cold weather 2018:




Nepal in February                                                                                                                                                     Wales in February