What Next?

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Following the refurbishment of the hostel at Janata Dhan, KatKanDo needs a new project. The current plan is to go again in  Autumn 2019 to look at some more projects with the the good people from SWAN and the Kathmandu Valley, taking the money raised with me (or us if anybody else fancies it) and choosing one or maybe two to fund.  The money can be handed over fairly quickly then  for work to begin.  Projects have to be linked to education and self-improvement.  These can be anything from building or refurbishing schools, community centres, libraries – anything in fact.  It could mean bringing water, feeding, clothing or medicating children, working for adult education, self help for women.  You name it; in fact please do – I could do with the input.

Until then, money will continue to be raised through any available avenue including the sale of donated goods, cash donations and events etc.  I am not going to set a firm target but usually £3-4 000 seems to be achievable.  More would be even better.

Now that I am slowly getting the hang of this web page business, I hope to produce a chart to show clearly where the money has come from and where it has gone to.  Watch this space.  It could be a long watch with my skillset but hey!