A photograph of a brick child cleaning pots in the open airWe are a tiny charity based in North Wales.  There are six of us: Bryan, Martin, Keri, Pete, Lyn and Brian.
Bryan Jones is the founder and kind of band-leader, raising money through car boot sales, quizzes, collections, Justgiving and any other means possible. He visited Nepal in February, 2017 with Dave Phoenix, founder of the Brick School in Nepal, which provides education for migrant children working in the brickfields of Kathmandu Valley.

While working for pennies these children are doubly disadvantaged by losing valuable education, thus preventing them from gaining the skills and qualifications to improve their economic circumstances. Bryan also visited Nepal’s only school for children with cerebral palsy and is, at the time of writing, raising money to send a kitchen to the school, a project which he now wants to re-title “How not to Send a Kitchen to Kathmandu”.